3 Benefits of Multistage Running for Health


Multistage running is a sport which is the oldest and easiest sport to do. Currently, running has become an athletic branch of the sport that prioritizes the support of endurance and speed.

In this sense, multistage running is running used to determine a person’s level of physical fitness, which is usually carried out by several other types of sports players such as basketball, soccer and volleyball players.

As explained above, multistage running is running used to test a person’s level of fitness; this run is carried out in the field directly and carried back and forth on the track that has been prepared. Usually, in this running, it will be done by running as far as 20 M back and forth; in this case, if the participant is not strong, it will be dismissed so that the level will be known.

Benefits of Multistage Running for Health

The benefits of multistage running are:

1. Measuring endurance

As explained above, this type of multistage running is done to measure a person’s endurance; in this case, a person will run back and forth until it will be measured how strong a person is to run. A person who is not strong enough to run for food will conclude that his immune system has weakened.

Exercise endurance is very important for that to do this multistage running sport. It is very important so that the body’s endurance is trained. This will also be directly related to the immune system, which will be better.

2. To know oxygen consumption

In addition to measuring how strong a person’s body power is, multistage running can also measure a person’s maximum oxygen consumption. The way to know about oxygen consumption is to look at a person’s inability to maintain his pace or maintain when he runs; when he can no longer maintain his pace, it can be indicated that the level of oxygen consumption is maximal.

Usually, this method of measuring oxygen is done for athletes such as soccer athletes, basketball, volleyball, etc. These athletes will be measured on the ability to absorb oxygen in their bodies so that athletes can be trained in managing oxygen in the body properly.

3. Measuring physical fitness

Multistage running can also measure a person’s level of fitness by looking at the amount of oxygen they have. The ability of a person’s body to manage the oxygen needed where oxygen will be delivered to the body’s tissues if it goes well, it can be said that the person has a good level of physical fitness.

However, as we know that the older a person is, the amount of oxygen or the body’s ability to obtain oxygen will also decrease, so this multistage running can be used for some people who are curious about the state of their body. Is at his age now he can still manage the oxygen in the body or not so that he can know the level of fitness of his body.

Physical fitness needs to be maintained properly. Physical fitness benefits help maintain the power of the body’s system to be more resistant to disease or viruses that will attack the body. The immune system can be sharpened with body fitness training.

Those are some of the benefits of multistage running. Hopefully, it can be useful. That’s it. Thank you.

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