13 Benefits of Handball for Health


Handball is a team sport with two teams consisting of 7 players (6 field players and one goalkeeper); they throw a ball using their hands to enter it into the opposing team’s goal. A standard match consists of two time periods consisting of 30 minutes; the team scoring more goals is the winner.

This handball game is usually played indoors but can also be played outdoors in field handball and Czech handball or beach handball (sandball). The game is relatively fast, and players often have physical contact. The defense will try to stop attacks that are approaching the goal. The usually scored goals will be pretty frequent; each team will usually get between 20 to 35.

The game was initially developed in the late 19th century in northern Europe and Germany. The modern rules of the game were published in Germany in 1917 and, after that, underwent several revisions. The first international games played were in 1925 for men and 1930 for women.

Rules for handball games include:

  • After receiving the ball, the player in toss, holds it, or gives it to another player.
  • When holding the ball, the player must dribble (similar to dribble in basketball) or hold for up to three steps/three seconds without dribbling.
  • Other players are not allowed to touch the goal floor other than the goalkeeper.
  • The ball must not be returned to the goalkeeper when they are in the goal area.

The ball used for this game must be leather or synthetic material. The ball must not be shiny and slippery. The ball will be operated with one hand, so its size will depend on the age and gender of the team participating in the match.

Handball is one of the most popular games in western countries. Although this sport is less prevalent in Indonesia itself, we can try it if we want. There are many benefits that we can get when playing this one sport. The following are the health benefits of handball:

1. Make the bodywork as a whole

The game of handball requires a variety of movements and makes all members of the body move. This handball sport helps build muscle and muscle strength. When jumping, running, turning, hitting the ball, and so on, the muscles will work.

2. Improve cardiovascular endurance

The field for handball matches is 40 meters long and 20 meters wide. Players can run as wide as the field for 60 minutes of play. This can help increase cardiac activity and increase aerobic endurance.

3. Develop intelligence

Playing handball requires moving your hands and feet, but that’s not all. It takes good coordination with the right strategy to score a goal against the opponent. The accuracy of the shot is also quite important. Many people compare the sport of handball and golf. Both sports are equally challenging and require physical and brain work.

4. Keeps the heart-healthy

An excellent cardiovascular body will provide more oxygen to the muscles. Running on the field can make the heart continue to work actively to be adequately trained during the game.

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5. Keeping fit

Exercising handball will help your body stay fit even though you are getting older. This sport tends to make the players have a fit and healthy body.

6. Increase focus and self-confidence

Being successful requires 95% mental and 5% physical. Handball sports that rely on game strategy will make us focus on doing the right things so that the method can work well. We can also increase our confidence when playing these sports, especially when dealing with opposing teams.

7. Burn calories and fat

The University of Utah conducted research showing that handball sports can be beneficial for burning more calories than ball sports that use rackets. In addition to burning more calories, heart rate, oxygen intake, and ventilation rates are also higher.

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8. Improve hand and eye coordination

Handball games allow us to improve hand-eye coordination. Learning to anticipate where the ball will fall is not easy. Time and technique need to be known regularly.

9. Maintain body balance

Playing handball can also maintain body balance. This can improve coordination and power in the non-dominant part. Both hands must work well so that the opponent will not attack the weak side.

10. Can be played safely for all ages

Handball games rarely cause injuries. Injuries can happen but can be avoided by warming up before exercising.

Those are some of the benefits of hand exercise for body health. In addition to the health of the body, a sport also has other benefits that may not be related to the health of the body. Other benefits of handball sports are:

11. Learn to work together

We don’t play alone in handball, which is a team sport. We play together with other players on the same team. So when we are on the playing field or during practice, we need to cultivate a sense of togetherness with fellow team members. Each member needs to know their role in the team so that no one feels left out and the team can work well.

12. Play fair

As with other sports competitions, every player must learn to play pretty or sportively. Each player must be able to play according to pre-defined rules.

13. Practice self-control

Every player must be able to control themselves to play well for themselves and their team. When an opposing player commits a violation, it is better to control and let the referee give the sanction.

So the benefits of playing handball are not to improve health and used to learn to work together and control yourself. Games like handball can also make us grow in our network of friends.

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