6 Benefits of Exercising for the Ideal Elderly


Benefits of Exercising – Ageing is a natural thing experienced by everyone. People who have reached the age of elderly will experience more health problems ranging from back pain to the body that easily feels tired more quickly.

Many of them, the elderly, prefer to spend their time sitting, lying, and doing absolutely nothing. Many older adults avoid activities because they can make their bodies sick easily or fear getting sick due to activities that can make them tired.

But what happens is just the opposite. When some elderly spend more time sitting or lying down without any activity, this should be avoided because it can increase the risk of developing diseases such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, illness, or obesity.

To avoid various dangerous diseases in old age, you should continue to do sports that are useful in maintaining a healthy body.

Benefits of Exercising for the Ideal Elderly

There are many benefits of exercise for the elderly such as:

1. Avoid many diseases

Many types of mild to severe diseases can be avoided by regularly doing sports, such as joint disease or arthritis. In addition, exercise can also prevent the elderly from contracting heart disease, stroke, Alzheimer’s, dementia, and other types of dangerous diseases.

2. Avoid mental disorders

Staying at home makes someone easily infected with boredom. No activities can make our helpful brain sit around doing nothing. Of course, for those of you who are already from the elderly group, it would be better if you take the time to take a walk to prevent the decline in mental function that usually occurs in old age due to depression.

3. Strengthen body muscles

The elderly who like to do light activities and exercise can avoid rheumatism.

4. Avoid heart attacks

Exercising can train and strengthen the heart muscle to avoid heart disease.

Heart attacks can also be prevented by:

5. Lower fat levels

Exercise can help remove fat levels and turn them into sweat. This is useful to prevent the elderly from obesity.

6. Avoidathe risk of high blood pressure

Doing sports and actively doing activities can help a person avoid developing high blood pressure. This is because exercise can help improve blood circulation in the body.

Many studies say that exercise or being active can prevent the occurrence of various mild and severe disease disorders. For those of you who previously stayed at home more, from now on, you can make changes to your lifestyle to stay healthy even though you are old. You can change your lifestyle to be healthier by starting activities to avoid boredom due to just staying at home. Being active doesn’t mean you have to do sports, because being active can be done by doing even light activities.

Types of Rogan Sports for the Elderly

There are lots of light activities that can be done by the elderly such as walking or accompanying grandchildren to play, playing in the park, taking a leisurely walk in the afternoon, and others. Make sure you do light activities and not just spend the day relaxing in front of the television or reading a book. There are many examples of light activities that can be done by the elderly, including leisurely walking, gardening, swimming, cycling, shopping, sweeping the floor, etc.

In passing these days, it’s good for you to do at least 15 minutes of activity each day. The activities you do should be activities that can be used to strengthen the muscles and bones of the body. In addition to light activities, you can also do light sports such as:

Pilates benefits are one type of exercise that can provide many benefits, especially for the elderly, such as improving posture and increasing muscle strength. To do this, one sport should be done with an experienced instructor.

Yoga is a light exercise that many people favor. The benefits of yoga can increase flexibility and value for balancing the body and controlling emotions.

This one sport is a type of light exercise originating from China to increase the freshness and fitness of the body. The tai chi movements are carried out slowly and controlled to help balance the body, increase body strength and make the body more flexible.

Swimming is a sport that makes almost all of our muscles perform activities. Besides that, the benefits of swimming can train breathing and is also helpful in strengthening the heart.

Many benefits of a healthy walk include adding freshness, strengthening the heart, and others. (Also read: benefits of walking in the morning – benefits of walking)

Remember that not all types of exercise are suitable and can be done by the elderly. This is related to the type of disease being suffered. For some older adults who suffer from rheumatism or heart disease, several types of exercise must be avoided if you don’t want the pain to worsen. If you want to do an appropriate sport, you can consult your doctor to know what kind of exercise to avoid.

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