7 benefits of iron for teenagers both men and women 1

7 Benefits of Iron for Teenagers Both Men and Women

Iron is an essential nutrient of many proteins and enzymes in metabolism. Iron helps send oxygen, energy metabolism, antioxidant function, and DNA synthesis throughout the body.

Adolescence is a period of transition from children to adults so that the need for nutrients increases sharply, especially iron for adolescent girls. If the body lacks iron, it can cause chronic fatigue and other health problems.

Both teenagers and women need more iron than men. There are so many iron benefits for teenagers, and on this occasion, we will explain for your additional information.

Benefits of Iron for Teenagers Both Men and Women

  1. Replacing Iron Loss During Menstruation

Every teenage girl will experience a menstrual cycle every month. The menstrual cycle makes the body lose much iron through the blood during menstruation. This makes food, drink, or iron supplements essential to be consumed to replace the iron that has been lost during menstruation.

  1. Improve Muscle Function

Adolescence is a time for humans to be active in physical activities either in school, extracurricular, or sports so that muscle strength must be maintained properly. Iron is an essential element that can supply oxygen for muscle contraction. Without enough iron, teenagers will quickly lose muscle tone and muscle elasticity. At the same time, muscle weakness itself is one of the signs of anemia the most obvious.

  1. Improve Brain Function

Iron can later improve adolescent brain development if the iron needs in the body are fulfilled. The supply of oxygen in the blood will be assisted by iron. At the same time, the brain will use 20% of the blood oxygen intake, which is directly related to teenagers’ health and brain function and many of the benefits of oxygen for the skin. If the flow of oxygen to the brain goes well, cognitive activity can be stimulated while creating new neural pathways to prevent mental disorders such as Alzheimer’s and dementia. As for teenagers, iron intake is essential to improve brain function to absorb lessons very well.

  1. Reduce Excessive Fatigue
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Dense activities carried out by teenagers must also be supported by high intakes of vitamins and minerals such as iron, one of which is iron. overcoming tiredness because of activity and an essential component of hemoglobin.

  1. Increase Immunity

Iron is also an essential key to increasing the robust immune system to protect teenagers from various diseases and infections. Red blood cells are needed to provide oxygen to damaged tissues, organs, and cells. Without iron, the body cannot produce hemoglobin, so oxygen and nutrients important to speed up the healing process are also reduced.

  1. Boost Teen Metabolism

Iron is also an essential component in the metabolism energy sources adolescent body. This process is a process in which energy is extracted from the food consumed and channeled to all parts of the body so that teenagers can remain active in their daily activities.

  1. Increase Concentration

Teenagers who are still active in school or college certainly need a high concentration level. Consuming the intake of iron foods is very important because it can increase the concentration of learning in teenagers while improving their cognitive performance. Increased blood flow to the brain will clear the brains and minds of teenagers so that they can absorb lessons better than many other things—the benefits of exercise for the brain.

Thus our review of some of the benefits of iron for teenagers is very important for growth, brain, and immune system. Teenagers can consume many sources of iron, such as spinach, cereals, broccoli benefits bean sprouts, dried fruits, soybeans, legumes, green leafy vegetables, the benefits of radish vegetables, and many other benefits, all of which are important for teenagers.

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