Benefits of Kenikir Leaves for Women's Beauty

10 Benefits of Kenikir Leaves for Women’s Beauty

Kenikir Leaves, which has the Latin name cosmos caudatus better known as an ornamental plant for some people. The function known to many about kenikir leaves is limited to a plant to repel fungi, insects, pests, etc. However, this plant that is easy to find on the river banks and has an attractive aroma has content that few people know about.

Kenikir leaves contain various active substances and minerals, such as antioxidants, phenolics, protein, calcium, polyphenols, saponins, carbohydrates, and vitamins A, C, and E. Even very high antioxidants in Kenikir leaves are considered equivalent to 2400 mg of Vitamin C.

Therefore, it is not surprising that kenikir leaves have extraordinary health benefits. In addition, kenikir leaves, usually consumed as fresh vegetables, can also provide beauty benefits for women.

Benefits of Kenikir Leaves for Women’s Beauty

Here are some of the benefits of kenikir leaves for beauty, including:

1. Brighten skin

Did you know that the vitamin C content in kenikir leaves can make your skin brighter and glowing? Vitamin C itself can accelerate the growth or formation of collagen in the skin so that dead skin can be immediately replaced with new healthy skin regeneration. Vitamin C itself also contains ascorbic acid compounds, which beauty experts often use as a solution to make skin look tight.

Collagen in vitamin C also keeps skin supple and moisturized. This is what causes Kenikir leaves you can use to brighten your skin. You can consume Kenikir leaves directly by making fresh vegetables or drinking tea.

2. Overcoming Bad Breath

Bad breath is one of the things that is alarming appearance and comfort when in an environment filled with many people. Bad breath can occur due to many things, such as fungi bacteria or after eating foods that have a strong smell. But take it easy; you can overcome this by consuming kenikir leaves. The aroma of kenikir leaves will give a fresh and fragrant sensation in your mouth. So you don’t have to hesitate or hesitate to talk to other people.

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3. Increase Appetite

Feeling that you have a body that is too thin will undoubtedly reduce your level of self-confidence. You can consume kenikir leaves as a solution to increase your body weight. Why? Because Kenikir leaves are believed to increase appetite. So that by increasing your diet every day, you will increase the opportunity to have a body that is more proportional than before.

4. Smooth the Skin

The content of Vitamin E and Vitamin C in Kenikir leaves is indeed considered very suitable as a solution for those of you who want to have beautiful and healthy skin. Vitamin A and vitamin C keep the skin from looking dry and rough. Generally, dry and rough skin is usually caused by lousy pigment due to being too often exposed to the sun. It could be because the skin interacts too often with pollution and changes in air temperature.

Therefore, in addition to taking care from the inside, you also have to reduce the intensity of activities that are considered unhealthy for the skin. Using kenikir leaves for skin beauty is not only in consumption, but Kenikir leaves can also be used as a cream applied to the skin.

5. Regenerates Dead Skin Cells

If you have problems with blackened dead skin cells and interfere with your facial beauty, Kenikir leaves can be the best solution. The high content of antioxidants in Kenikir leaves can accelerate the growth or regeneration of new cells to replace dead skin cells. Dead skin cells are usually difficult to remove for many reasons, one of which is not being diligent in cleaning the face, lack of nutrition, having too much sun exposure, and so on.

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To fix this, you can grind the leaves of kenikir and mix them with a few drops of coconut oil. Then heat for a while until it looks thickened. After that, let it stand for a moment to cool and use it on the face as a mask. We recommend doing this as often as possible to get maximum results.

6. Prevents Premature Aging / Wrinkles

Vitamin C in kenikir leaves functions to form collagen, repair DNA damage, and neutralize free radicals entering the body. Collagen is the most influential factor in keeping your skin firm and looking younger. In addition, high antioxidants also function to ward off various kinds of harmful radicals that make skin dull and wrinkled faster.

7. Prevents Bacteria from Sticking to the skin

There are so many bacteria in the air that you can’t see them. Often bacteria are the source of the problems that occur on your skin. Such as skin that is easy to dry, easy to look dull, black spots appear, and many others. By regularly consuming kenikir leaves or making it a topical cream for the skin, it means that you have made the right solutions and efforts. The content of minerals, vitamins, and active substances in kenikir leaves is considered to ward off bacteria that will attack or harm the skin.

8. Overcoming Skin Allergies and Dermatitis

For those of you who have allergies or scars that are very difficult to remove, you can start trying to rub Kenikir leaves into your blemishes. If done regularly, the wounds will quickly fade. Dermatitis is also commonly experienced by women who have gone through giving birth. Kenikir leaves are very safe for any age and will not provide adverse side effects for users.

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9. Makes Eyes Look Clear and Healthy

Of course, you have to know, in addition to vitamin C, in kenikir leaves, there is also vitamin A which is very good for maintaining eye health. With regular consumption, you will get clear and healthy eyes.

10. Improve Blood Circulation

Who says smooth blood circulation does not determine the beauty of your appearance? Smooth blood circulation has a significant effect on helping your skin cells to regenerate other skin cells that have died.

Thus information about the benefits of kenikir leaves for the beauty of women that you can try. I hope it is functional.

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