Benefits of Eating Boiled Eggs

6 Benefits of Eating Boiled Eggs in the Morning for Health

Who doesn’t know eggs? Or who doesn’t love Eating Boiled Eggs? Almost everyone likes eggs because of the many benefits that we can get from this one food, from beauty to health benefits.

In addition, processing eggs for consumption is also effortless, fried or boiled. The content in eggs is also very beneficial, such as 70 calories and high protein and amino acids. Not only that, but eggs also contain high anti-oxidants, which minimize the risk of developing deadly diseases, such as heart disease, stroke, or cataracts.

Eggs are also one of the sources of mineral-antioxidants, or what we usually know as selenium, that works to counteract cell damage due to free radical attack. As we know on benefits of turtle eggs, pigeon egg benefits or benefits of fish eggs. This chicken egg also has various benefits for the health of our bodies.

This time, we will discuss the benefits of eating boiled eggs in the morning. Wow, boiled eggs? Why in the morning? Wouldn’t it be delicious if the eggs were fried?

So instead of getting curious and wondering about what benefits we can get by eating boiled eggs in the morning, let’s have a look at this one!

Benefits of Eating Boiled Eggs in the Morning for Health

1. Healthy diet

Starting our day by eating boiled eggs is the right choice for those of us who intend to diet. As we know in the benefits of white cumin for diet, the benefits of black rice for diet and benefits of starch for diet; using a variety of natural ingredients – and now eating boiled eggs in the morning is very effective for our healthy diet program.

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Why is that? This is because eggs have a high protein content, which increases the feeling of fullness in us. This also means keeping the stomach from getting hungry quickly and preventing us from snacking. Eating two boiled eggs in the morning means reducing our calorie needs by 400 calories throughout the day. Very useful for keeping the body healthy, right?

2. Maintain heart health

It’s no secret that the heart is one of the essential organs in our body, and therefore we must maintain its maximum health. But it’s no secret that some of us, especially the elderly, can have a heart attack.

The causes of heart problems or the causes of heart attacks vary, ranging from smoking habits, obesity, or unhealthy eating patterns.

What is meant by this healthy eating pattern? This means we meet the needs of minerals, vitamins, protein, and carbohydrates well, and we can get this from vegetables and side dishes, both animal and vegetable.

One type of side dish that is right for this problem is boiled eggs and, more precisely, consumed in the morning.

How come? The high content of omega 3 in eggs is beneficial for improving blood circulation and facilitating this circulation to minimize the occurrence of heart attacks.

The benefits of eating boiled eggs in the morning are certainly no less potent than the benefits of breadfruit leaves for the heart, Avocado benefits for the heart or Moringa leaf benefits for the heart.

3. Make our appearance more attractive

Not only beneficial for body health but the benefits of eating boiled eggs in the morning can also be felt on facial beauty. Wow, how come? Is that right?

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Yup, eating eggs as our breakfast is very beneficial to make our facial skin stay more youthful – which means beautifying our appearance and making us look younger than our biological age. Who can refuse this one offer? Of course, the answer is no.

4. Improve brain performance

The next benefit that is no less important than other benefits is that eating eggs in the morning is helpful for our memory which also means it works to improve brain performance.

We can get the benefits of this one because eggs contain approximately 250 mg of choline needed by us, especially pregnant women. Pregnant women who receive 550 mg of choline per day will benefit themselves, namely babies with good memory and concentration.

5. Improve eye health

Like carrots and tomatoes, eating boiled eggs is also very beneficial for maintaining the health of our eyes. How come? Yup, the high content of vitamin A in eggs minimizes the occurrence of nearsightedness and farsightedness from an early age. So eating boiled eggs in the morning is the right choice and increasing the consumption of vegetables and fruit to continue to maintain eye health. The benefits of eating boiled eggs in the morning are certainly no less accurate than the benefits of red betel leaf for the eyes, stale tea for the eyes, or heel benefits.

6. Minimize the risk of breast cancer

Who is not familiar with breast cancer? Yup, this disease is classified as a deadly disease like other types of cancer. Breast cancer itself is a common cause in Indonesia and affects women and can also attack men. There are various ways we can prevent this from happening, and one of them is by regularly consuming boiled eggs in the morning.

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So, those were some of the benefits of eating boiled eggs in the morning. Very healthy and exciting to try, right? Making boiled eggs is not difficult because we only need to cook them for about 4 minutes. So, there is no more reason to start a new and healthier lifestyle, right?

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