20 Extraordinary Benefits of Pandan Leaves

The benefits of pandan leaves have historically been widely used in the world of cooking, even for household purposes. Pandan trees are also possible to grow in pots, to decorate the yard.

Pandan leaves come from the fragrant pandan plant, a member of the screwpine genus native to Southeast Asia. This plant perennially has bushy clusters that are long fan-shaped, with narrow leaves, and produce a strong odor when wilted. Fresh pandan leaves only have a slight aroma.

Here are some of the benefits of pandan leaves in general ( ehow.com, Uses of Pandan Leaves accessed 10 December 2014)) :

benefits of pandan leaves in general

1. Seasoning

Pandan plant leaves have a sweet taste, the aroma when used in cooking produces a sweet taste. Cooking pandan leaves that are tied into a knot and put in soup for cooking or cut for use in puddings, drinks, and other foods. In addition, pandan leaves are often used with coconut milk, lemongrass, glutinous rice, and sugar. The pandan leaf extract available in ethnic specialty food stores is beyond the range of the original leaves. Panda extracts often contain extra green food coloring, according to the “Handbook of Spices, Seasonings, and Flavorings.”

2. Wrapping Food

Some cultures use pandan leaves for aroma by wrapping some of their food. For example in India, people throw leaves into open wells to scent the water. Chefs in Southeast Asia wrap pandan leaves in pork, chicken, fish and glutinous rice to protect and scent them when grilling or steaming food.

3. Insect Repellent

Taxi drivers in Malaysia and Singapore hang bunches of pandan leaves in their taxis to prevent cockroach infestations. Pandan leaves contain several chemical repellents, including 2-acetyl-1-proline (2AP). This leaf extract has been shown to be less effective than compounds extracted from several other plants, including lemongrass benefits and clove benefits but they repel cockroach species in America and Germany.

4. Household Appliances

When pandan leaves become dry it will be very difficult and inflexible. Historically, dried pandan leaves have been widely used as straw houses. Pandan leaves have also been woven into baskets, mats, and clothing. According to “What Herb is That?” women in the Pacific Islands weave pandan leaves into “grass” skirts.

5. Medicines and Cosmetics

Pandan leaves produce a diuretic effect when consumed in large quantities. Pandan leaves are also used in treating several skin conditions. Traditional medicine practitioners use the root of this plant as an anti-diabetic treatment. Its strong sweet aroma makes it much desirable as an ingredient in perfumes or other scented cosmetics.

6. Air Freshener

Did you realize that pandanus can be used for air freshener, the method is quite easy, namely by slicing the tips of pandan leaves, and placing them in your room.

Benefits of Pandan Leaves for Health

Pandan leaves are often used in various kinds of dish recipes in their own country. Pandan leaves are most often used in making Indonesian cakes. Pandan leaf jam is indeed very distinctive when used in various cakes because it is able to produce natural coloring for cakes and also the distinctive aroma of pandan.

Not only in terms of cooking or household needs, but the benefits of pandan leaves also provide support for several health problems, here are some of them:

  1. Relieve rheumatic symptoms – take two or three fresh pandan leaves. Then chop and slice into small pieces. Take half a cup of heated coconut oil and mix pandan leaves with the oil. Stir until smooth, then after it cools it can be used as an oil to rub the sore body part
  2. As a sedative – If you have trouble sleeping, the benefits of pandan leaves with their tannin content provide a calming effect as in benefits of chocolate, so it can help fast sleep. The trick is to wash two pandan leaves and slice them into small pieces. Brew with a glass of hot water. Strain the pandan leaves after the cold water and drink the infusion at once. Do it regularly twice a day.
  3. Overcoming Insomnia
  4. Help deal with stress
  5. Launching defecation
  6. Prevent cancer
  7. Prevent diabetes
  8. Menstruation
  9. Cleans the intestines from free radicals
  10. Sources of antioxidants
  11. Prevent premature aging
  12. Helps overcome constipation
  13. Helps smooth out the wind
  14. Helps the body’s nutritional needs.

There is no harm in trying to put this plant in your yard because it is not difficult to plant it either. In addition to beautifying the page, the leaves can be used for various purposes. However, the benefits of pandan leave for treatment, it is necessary to consult with medical personnel to determine the health risks that can occur.

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