11 Benefits of Leeks for the Stomach


The benefits of leeks for the stomach need to be known to take advantage of this natural ingredient for health. Leeks are a type of green vegetable that comes from onions. This vegetable has many health benefits.

In addition to functioning as a flavouring dish, scallions are also rich in benefits for stomach and body health. Leeks also have a lower sugar content when compared to other vegetables.

The following are some of the benefits of leeks for the stomach

1. The benefits of leeks – Goods for the Stomach

Leeks have high fiber content, which is good for digestion and the stomach. However, consuming leeks is strictly prohibited for people with stomach acid.

Leeks contain very high fructans, making the human body lack the enzymes to break down these fructans. That is why if consumed with improper digestion, it will cause problems such as bloating, gas, belching, and increased stomach acid.

2. The benefits of leeksWard off Free Radicals

Raw leeks have a very high antioxidant content, which is good for warding off free radicals. However, when scallions are cooked, these antioxidants will decrease.

So, if you want to eat it raw, ensure the leeks are fresh and washed clean. Free radicals are a challenge often faced when doing activities outside the home, such as vehicle fumes, pollution, and various kinds of chemicals that are often inhaled unknowingly.

Free radicals can also attack and damage various body parts, including the stomach. That is why consuming leeks is highly recommended.

3. The benefits of leeksPrevent Bleeding

Leeks contain vitamin K, which is very useful in preventing bleeding that often occurs in the stomach. Vitamin K can deal with bleeding when an injury occurs in the stomach.

4. The benefits of leeksPrevents Inflammation

The content of quercetin and vitamin C in leeks have anti-inflammatory properties that prevent inflammation in the stomach. Also, the content of vitamin C can provide benefits as an antioxidant that plays a role in fighting inflammation in the stomach caused by bacterial, fungal, and viral infections.

As for quercetin, this content is believed to provide many benefits for the stomach and the body’s full health.

5. The benefits of leeksVitamin Sources

Leeks contain vitamins and high fiber and play a good role in stomach health. That is why consuming leeks regularly can adequately meet the intake of vitamins in the stomach and body.

6. The benefits of leeksPrevents Infection

Based on laboratory tests, the sulfur and kaempferol content in leeks inhibit the growth of bacteria, viruses, and fungi that will cause infections in the stomach if not treated quickly.

Even so, it still requires complete and detailed research to determine whether it is effective against other infections.

7. The benefits of leeksRich in Antioxidants

Leeks are rich in antioxidants and suitable for stomach health because they contain sulfur compounds and polyphenols that can fight oxidation that will damage cells in the stomach.

Leeks also have a perfect and effective allicin compound in lowering cholesterol levels and are anticancer and antimicrobial.

8. Make the Stomach Healthier

Leeks contain probiotics that can manage bacteria and absorb nutrients from the food.

This content can also eradicate the stomach’s waste and clean dirty fluids in the gastric tract.

Leeks are essential in cleaning the body’s internal organs so that the stomach is not prone to Inflammation.

9. Able to provide warmth

Leeks can provide warmth when eaten with soup. If consumed regularly, leeks can reduce the risk of stomach acid.

Because the leek has anti-inflammatory content that can overcome all digestive problems and make the internal organs warmer.

10. High Fiber

If appropriately consumed, leeks can also reduce stomach acid. Because leeks have high fiber content, they can adequately push food through the digestive tract. Consuming leeks is also very good if digestion has problems, such as constipation.

11. Stomach Feels More Comfortable

The stomach will feel warmer and more comfortable by consuming leeks because leeks have a calming effect. The content of probiotics can also increase the stomach’s immune system not to be susceptible to wounds and infections.

Leeks can be a source of sufficient protein, so the body can naturally increase its ability by consuming these vegetables.

Those were some benefits that can be taken by consuming leeks regularly. Consume it in moderation to get the desired benefits.

And don’t forget to keep an eye on how to store it so that the vitamins and content in the leeks don’t disappear or decrease.

Consuming leek in excess is not recommended for people with stomach acid because it will make stomach acid recur.

Eat it in just enough doses to not aggravate stomach acid if you like it. And can feel the benefits of the leak itself.

And if stomach acid is worsening, it would be nice to ask your doctor about the types of drugs that can relieve stomach acid.

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