Learn 18 Benefits of Chicken Claw Leaves for Health and Chronic Disease

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learn 18 benefits of chicken claw leaves for health and chronic disease 1

Chicken claw leaves are leaf shapes that look unique because they are branched and look like chicken claws or claws. This leaf also has different names such as mountain fan, nail leaf, and several other names.

Chicken claw leaves contain glycosides, alkaloids, saponins, and many other ingredients that Can cure several diseases.

Benefits of Chicken Claw Leaves

1. Cure Fever and Heat

Chicken claw leaves can be used as a natural remedy to reduce fever when you have a fever and also cure accompanying symptoms such as headaches. To use these leaves, you can take the essence or boil the chicken claw leaves, which are then drunk to reduce fever quickly.

2. Stop the Bleeding

Chicken claw leaves can be used to stop bleeding due to nosebleeds or open wounds. Using it is pretty easy, namely by crushing chicken claw leaves and then applying it to the bleeding area to freeze the bleeding quickly.

3. Anti cancer

Cancer solution is also a further benefit of chicken claw leaves to prevent several types of cancer. This can happen because the chicken claw leaves contain high antioxidants to ward off cancer-causing free radicals.

4. Relieves Inflammation

Inflammation in the body can also be overcome by using chicken claw leaves, such as inflammation of the mouth or sore throat. Not only heal, but this leaf can also reduce pain caused by inflammation and infection.

5. Cleansing Blood

Chicken claw leaves can also be consumed to clean and filter the blood from various impurities that flow throughout the body to prevent various internal diseases and dangerous skin diseases.

6. Anti Poison

The next feature of this chicken claw leaf can also be used to: remove toxins in the body because it has content to fight toxins and prevent them from settling in the body.

7. Maintain Kidney Health

One of the essential organs in the body, namely the kidneys, is helpful for filtering and removing metabolic waste from the body so that its health needs to be appropriately maintained. Consuming chicken claw leaf boiled water is very effective in strengthening the kidneys to continue to work as they should.

8. Preventing Urinary Tract Infections

A urinary tract infection or UTI is an infection that occurs in the urinary tract that makes it difficult for a person to urinate. Chicken claw leaves can treat the disease naturally by regularly drinking boiled water.

9. Healing Broken Bones

As we know, broken bones are tough to heal and take a long time. Broken bones can be done using chicken claw leaves which are powerful enough to shorten the healing time.

10. Cure Skin Diseases

There are many types of skin diseases, such as ringworm, ringworm, tinea versicolor, itching, and other skin diseases. All types of skin diseases can interfere with the comfort and damage a person’s appearance. To overcome this skin disease, chicken claw leaves can also be used as an external medicine by smoothing the chicken claw leaves and then applying them to the affected skin and replacing it periodically when the leaf paste dries.

11. Overcome Bloated Stomach

Flatulence is one of the health problems with symptoms such as feeling full in the stomach and difficulty passing urine. have a cold and exhaust gas. In addition, flatulence is also often accompanied by an increase in body temperature, which eventually triggers fever and various other dangerous diseases. Chicken claw leaves can be used to treat flatulence by drinking boiled chicken claw leaves while still warm.

12. Diarrhea Treatment

Chicken claw leaves also become a very cheap and readily available diarrhea solution that can cure diarrhea in a short time. You can drink the boiled water of chicken claw leaves until Chicken claw leaves can cure diarrhea.

13. Cure Rheumatism

Rheumatism is a disease that causes pain and stiffness in several limbs, especially the common area, as for the symptoms that are caused by themselves depending on the type of rheumatic disease and which part is affected by rheumatism. To overcome this rheumatism, you can also use chicken claw leaves by boiling the leaves and boiling water while still warm to compress the affected body part.

15. Treating Cough

Coughing is a natural response by the body as a defense system in the respiratory tract that occurs when there is an external disturbance. The cough response can occur to clear mucus and some aggravating factors or irritants such as smoke and dust to get out of the lungs. This claw leaf can be used cough solution by drinking the boiled water of the leaves while still warm.

16. Helps Heal Tonsils

Tonsillitis is inflammation that occurs in the tonsils or tonsils due to bacteria. When a person has tonsillitis, there are several symptoms: ear pain, headache, fever, sore throat when swallowing, and coughing. Chicken claw leaves can also be consumed to heal tonsillitis faster.

17. Anti Neoplasm

Neoplasms are abnormal growths but are not cancers that can occur in all body parts. This neoplasm comes from the Greek words neo, which means new, and plasma which means formation or creation, so that it is interpreted as an abnormal growth of new tissue. You can also consume chicken claw leaf boiled water regularly because it has anti-neoplastic properties.

18. Overcoming Pneumonia

Pneumonia is one type of acute disease characterized by infection that occurs in the lung parenchyma caused by bacteria or viruses and can attack the tiny air sacs in the lungs or called alveoli. Alveoli will later be filled with fluid that has been infected to reduce lung capacity and oxygen supply. Like several other types of diseases, pneumonia can also be overcome by consuming boiled water from chicken claw leaves which at the same time can also increase blood pressure immune system.

Help Cure Chorio Carcinoma

Choriocarcinoma is a malignant tumor originating from tissues containing trophoblasts such as villi from the placenta, trophoblast layer of growing ovum, embolism of trophoblast cells in various parts of the body, and also mola bubbles. The boiled water of chicken claw leaves can also be drunk to help cure choriocarcinoma faster.

The benefits of chicken claw leaves are beautiful to be used as ornamental plants. Still, the various ingredients in these leaves are also helpful in curing various diseases of mild to dangerous without causing side effects. Hopefully, this review can be helpful and increase your knowledge about natural remedies.

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