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16 Benefits of Satsuma Oranges for Tested Health

jeruk satsuma

Satsuma orange comes from Japan, this orange is also a type of mandarin orange. The efficacy of satsuma oranges is not inferior to the properties of other citrus fruits. The characteristic of this satsuma orange is that it has a small size and does not have seeds. For those of …

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9 Benefits of Boiled Beets for Diet and Body Health

9 benefits of boiled beets for diet and body health

Beetroot is a type of tuber that is shaped like a potato plant. This reddish-purple fruit comes from the plant family Amaranthaceae Chenopodiaceae. This means that beets are still in the same family as turnips and other root vegetables. African people thousands of years ago first consumed beets. Spread to …

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6 Benefits of Dewa Ndaru Fruit for Health


God’s Fruit Ndaru or better known as Ciremai London It is small in size but has great properties. The benefits given by the Dewa Naru fruit are not half-hearted, namely to prevent oxidative damage caused by free radicals that are not able to be overcome by antioxidants in the body. …

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